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We carry our essence in our name, because the canary represents joy, ingenuity, vitality, sincerity, as well as the need for love and company. Its chant and flight reflect the virtues of imagination, nobility and simplicity that are in every girl and boy.

Canario Kids conceives childhood as an invaluable seed, and caregivers (parents, teachers, therapists, and even the government) as sowers who understand and attend their needs, generating optimal conditions so that from roots of attachment (love, basic care, empathy) and respect (for their rights and stages of development), bloom and grow fruit that feed hope and fulfillment to the following generations...



We are creators of artistic and educational content and materials that, through music, movement and play, stimulate the emotional well-being of girls and boys. Providing their 'caregivers' with resources that strengthen the family bonds, school and social sphere that surrounds them.


To be pioneers of a new generation of artistic and educational content and products that transcend entertainment, strengthening family and social ties that nurture attachment and respect as the starting point for emotional well-being and child development in all its dimensions.


The transversal values that support each of our actions at Canario Kids are: love, respect, kindness, beauty and empathy, accompanied by a firm sense of responsibility.




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All our audiovisual contents are of high quality and are designed for the emotional wellbeing of children, as well as to provide their 'caregivers' (parents, teachers, therapists, mainly) with useful and fun tools that stimulate their development...  Take a look at them!



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Our musical production is distinguished by the direct participation of boys and girls, not only in the choral montage, but also in the composition of the melodic lines and lyrics of our songs. As well as in the guidelines and decisions for the conformation of each final product. Don't wait any longer... Delight all your senses while listening to us!





Canario Kids is developing several products that contribute to the emotional well-being of children and their caregivers. Soon you will find here: 

1. Digital, printed and audio books; CD's and playlists, etc.
2. Didactic materials, toys, musical instruments, promotional items.
3. Specialized courses and programs.
4. Strategic children's projects.
5. 'Mr. Canary's Stories', the Musical (stage play).



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The family sphere is the primary nucleus in the construction of a community. However, the right of priority of children (as well as all their other rights) affirms that they are the responsibility of everyone, especially of those actors who, mandatorily or voluntarily, must influence their development and well-being. With this, we allude to parents, relatives, teachers, therapists, specialists, authorities, governors, civil society organizations, socially responsible companies, as well as any common citizen committed to children; grouping all of them under the term 'caregivers'. For this reason, Canario Kids is committed to put all its efforts and creativity at the service of those "caregivers" that we assume as responsibles for the development and well-being of children.

Well-being has many dimensions, one of them is the emotional dimension. Today, it is known that this represents the fundamental pillar of human development. Emotions are so important that they influence the architecture of the brain during the first years of life, that is the reason why the way we interact with children and the environment we generate around them will have an impact on the foundations of their personality, ability to learn, ethical behavior and well-being.




Canario Kids is developing several interactive learning games for girls and boys. Our colorful educational website is easy to navigate and encourages exploration and fun.
Here you can download for free:

1.- Coloring pages
2.- Word Search Puzzles
3.- Maze

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